Jun. 16th, 2010

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Dear friends of the Internet,

My new home is adorable. ADORABLE. And affordable. And extremely close to my new job. (I can commute on foot! Woohoo!) And it has gorgeous hardwood floors... which both the owner of said home and I are a bit worried that Trudeau The Giant Dog-Thing will destroy. I've looked into various solutions, including a) area rugs galore, b) Soft Claws, and c) little doggie booties. (Or, more accurately, huge doggie booties.) I thought I'd check with you to see if any of you genius people had any input on this subject. I know that keeping the nails trimmed short helps, but does not eliminate the problem. The area rugs don't seem like a good idea because then I'd still get scratches where there are no rugs. The soft claws look cool but I imagine the frequent runs we'll be taking on trails and roads will considerably shorten their lifespan. (It was suggested that I use the soft claws indoors and protect them with booties when we're out on the road, but that just seems a bit excessive.) Booties are the most doable because he'd only have to wear them when he's indoors, but I don't know if I'd be able to keep them on him.

I expect that some of you are experienced with this. Any words of wisdom?

In other news, today's trailer repairs are going to cost me a good $400, but at least I didn't end up having to do anything with the truck beyond an oil change. Also, my trailer is going to have a new plug that apparently looks space-aged, and the brakes and lights are actually going to both work! At the same time! It's like a miracle, only it costs money! On Friday Juno and I will be visiting the vet to get her health certificate, and in the meantime I have begun whittling away at my belongings again. Does anyone need a unicycle?


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