Dec. 15th, 2010

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I have a new crush. I have a new crush that is so epic in its epic-ness that I'm not sure "crush" is even the right word.

His name is Henry Mallet, he's an 80s British punk rocker who loves gourmet cheese and the word "fuck," and also, he's a ghost who's haunting a former hotel in Sydney, Australia. The only ones who can see him are a dentist named Suzy (Henry's dead, but he's still better at living than she is), a cat, and a pony called King Leopold.

I hope I don't sound too much like some sort of fandom hipster when I tell you that one of the best shows I've ever seen is a show that nobody else I know has seen. :D But my mission now is of course to make you all see it. ALL OF YOU. If you're a member of any of the comms that share these sorts of things, have a look for Spirited. You can also watch the episodes in parts on Youtube. I'm embedding all of the parts of episode 1 below so you can get a taste of the greatness.

I know you've all probably got a million people giving you TV and film recs every day, but I hope you will trust in my taste and the fact that this show has single-handedly reignited the fannish flame I thought I'd lost forever. The ficcing possibilities are endless. (And because I know you're slash fans, you should know that the supporting characters include three gay men, one of them a cross-dresser, who all live together in a three-way relationship that pretty much everybody treats as perfectly normal.)

Please give Spirited a chance. If like me you become an addict, you can find the rest of the episodes also on Youtube (or if you want/need downloads, comment and I'll do my best to direct you or make it happen). There's a comm at spirited_w and there just isn't enough fiction yet. The show's already been renewed for a second season (and two more episodes than the first season had!) so you won't even have your heart broken right after falling in love! The music's awesome, the acting's awesome, the cat's fucking awesome, and it's just the best of everything, really.

So here is episode 1, "The Man Who Fell to Earth," and I hope you enjoy the hell out of it.


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