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My work computer is profoundly broken. And by "profoundly," I mean that when you try to open folders, the Finder crashes. As you might imagine, a computer without a Finder (or Explorer or whatever they call it in Windows these days) is a little bit useless. It's not like I can do all my work from the command line or something. Actually, I can't do all my work at all. I haven't done actual work in about two weeks. Our on-hire tech and I have uninstalled, reinstalled, formatted, backed up, restored, and occasionally considered practicing voodoo. I had a working computer for about an hour this morning, until I tried to restore my applications and essential data. Clearly my problem lies with one of those. Because, you know, I don't need those to work or anything.

This is what I don't like about the Mac OS: if it breaks, I cannot fix it. Mostly because it's purposely vague. The error messages say things like, "u broke it, lulz" and "the system has suffered a catastrophic failure. Also you are ugly."

I'mma go cry now.


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