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This is why I enjoy the universe today:

Oh, Matt Bomer. Oh, Tim DeKay. HOW ARE YOU SO AWESOME?

What else makes me enjoy the universe, you may ask? This weekend I am going for a cruise in a tallship. Also, on craigslist I have scored a desk which is going to be totally bad-ass for my art projects; now I only have to really, definitely, for sure sell all this tack I have lying around, because otherwise there is no room. :-/

And these are the ways in which I hate the universe:

My truck is once again in the shop. They haven't called me yet to tell me what financial havoc they intend to wreck upon me, but of course yesterday -- the day the "check engine" light came on and things just generally started going from bad to worse -- was the day that I finally bit the bullet and spent most of my tax refund on trying to pay down my credit card balances (which are now ridiculously high from the last time I had to get the truck worked on). So in order to pay whatever I have to pay, I will most likely be... running up my credit card balances.

So I have discovered that I can in fact cause my vehicle to misbehave: all I have to do is make plans to go out of town. (This is the same principle as how I can make it rain by giving my horse a bath.) I was going to drive down to Mendocino tomorrow for the whale festival and to take pictures and to generally just be awesome and maybe even get some tattooing done, but now I dunno if I'll make it. I guess I should have figured. Joy is not allowed.

Also, as per usual, work stresses me out. Some days I long for the sort of job where you can do your shift, and then you get to go home, and you don't have to worry about deadlines or paperwork or working late or your computer being a piece of shit or whatever. I miss being a video store employee, where my biggest worry was whether I could convince anyone to rent any cool movies (short answer: not generally).

Of the long list of things I could have to complain about though, I'm not doing too horribly at the moment. Mostly I just need a nap.
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