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I have a question about books. Actually, I have multiple questions, and they relate not to my usual questions about what books are awesome but rather they are about writing books.

I'm working on a non-fiction book project which is largely interview- and experienced-based... essentially profiles of living people and the work they're doing. I believe the technical term would be "creative nonfiction." I know my subject very well and I've started connecting with the people I'll be interviewing and whatnot, but I have a lot of questions about the nuts and bolts of it: legal releases that may be required, how much I should tell people about my project, best practices in interviewing and whatnot. (The legal part is of particular interest, because some of the programs I'm looking at are youth projects, and I need to make sure everything is covered.) I figured a lot of you with your backgrounds in academia and AWESOME might be able to answer questions, or point me to some good books on the subject? Maybe?


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