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Hello Internet friends! It's so nice to be here on the Internet again, even though I'm doing it from a coffee shop. Did you know how long it takes to download TV episodes over coffee shop Internet? A long time, is the answer.

ANYWAY, I need your help, oh wise friends on the Internet. Before I moved, [personal profile] malnpudl was helping me learn to play her guitar. (It's because I'm terribly inspired by Glen Hansard. I can't help it.) I wasn't very good at it. Then I moved and didn't have a guitar at all, but I mentioned it to my coworker and he was all, "Oh, you can borrow my spare!" So now I have a borrowed guitar (yaaaay!) and no idea what I'm doing (boooo!). Can any of you recommend tutorials or books or videos or... anything? I have absolutely no knowledge of music, music theory, how to read music, how to read tabs, or anything else related to what I'm attempting to do. It's just, I really want to be able to play. Mal got me started on some chords but I can't play any songs. Actually, I can't switch between chords without it sounding like rubbish. I'm just a little... lost.

One of the cool things about my new job is that out on the ranch, we have a mostly-weekly barbeque followed by a campfire. We all sit around and people who can play play and people who can sing sing and I sing along kind of quietly because I'm not good at it, but I'd really like to learn how to play one of the simpler Swell Season/Frames songs, like What Happens When the Heart Just Stops, so I can play something at campfire. It'd be awesome. And terrifying. And awesome.

Speaking of my singing voice, a few years ago when I posted my wtf-life-manifesto, a story about a girl named mitch, I mentioned being displeased with the timbre of my voice... my feeling is that I speak in a range much lower than what ought to be my natural range. (My voice wears out very quickly when I speak, and the more knowledgeable I'm trying to sound, the deeper my voice gets.) I've wanted for a long time to do some sort of voice coaching to find out what I could sound like, but feel that's kind of a stupid idea because couldn't I just try speaking at a different pitch and fix it myself? But I can't. I've tried. Do you have any idea how hard it is to change your own speaking voice? Hard, is the answer. So I'm wondering whether anybody has any advice on that subject? DVDs? CDs? Books? Anything? In-person voice coaching might eventually be possible, if I can find somebody in the area who does it, but I'm not sure I'd be able to afford it. Any advice?
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