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Look, fandom. I think we need to have a talk. I mean, it's all well and good that you like what you like and you have money to burn and everything, but this? I'm sorry. This is fucking ridiculous.

I'd understand you if this were for charity, fandom. But it isn't. It's for somebody's profit. And come on, fandom. You and I both know that you have a great imagination. Remember that time you wrote that thing with the orgy and the tentacles? That was great, and I never would've thought to turn Zelenka into an octopimaid. So what you could do is, see, you could pay $6.00 for one of these at your local Hot Topic or sporting goods store or whatever. And then you could pretend that John Sheppard wore it on various adventures to planets that look strangely like British Columbia. You could pretend so fiercely that when you sniff your wristband, rather than new-from-the-factory smell, you would swear you detect the aroma of Joe Flanigan's sweat.

And then all of you who were willing to spend that kind of obscene amount of money on a Nike wristband whose actual production costs probably total about 20 cents (since it was probably crafted by five-year-old factory workers) could take that money and donate it to a worthy cause. I'll suggest a few of which The Flan and the imaginary people of Atlantis would no doubt approve: Doctors Without Borders, Space Camp Scholarship Fund, Earth and Space Foundation, My Bank Account.

Oops, that last one just slipped in there. Honest.

Look, I totally get it. I don't wanna come all up in here and get on my high horse and everything about people spending their money the way they want to spend it, even if that way is stupid. I can't exactly claim not to have spent money on fandom that would've done me a lot more good in my savings account. I'm just trying to help you out here, fandom. Maybe you should get into prop-making instead, and make your own replicas, and just have the Flan touch them for you on your next convention trip to imbue them with his magical powers. (Your hair may never be the same.) Or you could just get a wristband and tell people it's screen-worn, and they'll never be the wiser. It's like how I have this scar on my hand from a rogue microwave oven. I tell people it's from the time I got into a bare-knuckle fistfight. With a mountain lion.

Don't get me wrong: there's plenty of awesome stuff up there and really, there's no way that owning Ronon's blaster will not make you more of a GQMF than you already were. Some of the stuff they're selling on here is super-sweet and if I had extra money lying around, I'd probably be redecorating my room with concept art right now.

But come on. A wristband. For $500+. This isn't a sign that that's just an awesome prop item. That's a sign that fandom sometimes lets its fetishism get out of control.
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Awhile back I word-vomited at you posted here about Haida-style tattoos, my love thereof, and my ambivalence about actually getting one as a tattoo. It seemed like sort of a preposterous question to actually take to the tribe -- "Hi, I know nothing about your culture, but I'd like your permission to tattoo your artwork on my body, 'kay?" -- and there's surprisingly little information out there about the etiquette of tattooing Haida art or Haida-inspired designs, or what the designs themselves actually mean. The tribe's totems and crests are intensely personal, but what about a derivative or original design? Is there particular meaning to, for example, one of Bill Reid's pieces of a single animal that can be seen on countless postcards in the northwest? Would making up one's own Haida-inspired art for a tattoo be offensive, in the way that copying or emulating a Maori ta moka is? I ultimately decided that, much as I love the style of the art and no matter how much certain stories speak to me, it wouldn't be appropriate for me to get a tattoo that looks like Haida work. Instead I'm planning to get either celtic/viking-inspired work of my own design, or designs from the Pazyryk mummy, whose society is old enough that nobody's really entirely sure what the symbols mean. (Or if somebody does know what they mean, they are clearly not talking to the scientists who excavated the tombs.)

Anyway, [personal profile] malnpudl and I went to a tattoo convention this past weekend, where I talked with an artist who had a Haida-style frog tattoo in his portfolio, so I'd been pondering it again. Today I stumbled across a great post by a north-west native artist on Deviantart. (I'd be more specific, but I haven't seen from his profile and suchforth whether he's Haida or Tsimshian or what. It's possible I'm blind.) It answers many of my questions quite succinctly. :D You should also have a look at his gallery, because his work is gorgeous. He does do commissions, including tattoos, but I think I'm going to stick to designing my own.
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I watched a bit of the Olympics today, and these are the impressions that I am left with:

1. Speed skating, while it no doubt incorporates both speed and skating and, judging by the awe-inspiring size of the competitors' thighs is no doubt an incredibly strenuous and demanding sport, doesn't look that hard. Or that fast, for that matter. It really kind of looks like they're having a nice afternoon leisure-skate.

b. Who picked the theme music? For serious. Because I keep expecting Bruce Campbell and Comet the Wonder Horse to appear. (And omfg, did you guys realize that Julius Carey, who played Lord Bowler, is dead? I weep a little every time I think of it. :( I hate you, mortality.)

III. Dear sweet lord, there are a lot of commercials. And a lot of promo voiceovers with Morgan Freeman. (Hi Morgan Freeman! OMG call me, 'kay?)

I have to admit to being dissatisfied in general with winter olympics because the equestrian events are lacking, but I saw local lad inline skating down our street yesterday in a hockey jersey and carrying a stick, and then I remembered that this year's winter Olympics not only feature hockey and curling, but they're in Canada. So really, the winter Olympics are perfection. Unless you live in Vancouver. THE END.
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Just a heads-up for any of you who may not be subscribed to my new blog but may be interested in photos of my dog Trudeau... I posted some. And lo, they are adorable. You can find them on dreamwidth or LJ.
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You're damned right I finally finished my student loan consolidation application. HELL YES. TAKE THAT, PAPERWORK! I have triumphed over you at last, and now you will burn in a fiery pit forever and ever.

I also entered my first-ever photo contest today. I hope I win something. (Prizes. Fame. Acclaim. Whatever.) There are a few more competitions coming up that I'll be entering too, but even just getting one or two of my best prints framed or printed on canvas is a bit of a tall order financially right now. (Or, you know, always.) Wish me luck.

In other news, I'm beginning to suspect that I'm a grown-up. I even have a budget now, thanks to [ profile] jarrow, though even his magical powers aren't that much help when the "expenses" and "income" columns are just a little too close for comfort. :-/

tl;dr: Life. It usually kicks my ass, but today I managed to fight back a little. Yay?
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Just when I think my week can't get any more riddled with fail, it just keeps getting worse. Jesus Christ, world. Lay the fuck off, eh? You're not funny. I know you think you're funny, but you're not.
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Today I was supposed to run my first 5K. I was all excited about it and proud that I had become One Of Those People Who Runs a 5K, and then I woke up and it was raining and I couldn't get my brain to work, and I just kept going back to sleep, and it wasn't long before it was just too damn late. So, you know... that was a waste of a perfectly good entry fee. But hell, I didn't need my pride anyway.

It's just, I sort of have this terror of new experiences. And I routinely engage in a bit of what you might call "negative self-talk." Like instead of thinking about how I'm going to have a great time and how cool it'll be to go running with a huge group of people, I think about how I don't have any rain gear to wear and how I'll get lost a million times and be late and miss the last bus to the starting line and...

Yeah. And then I spend the rest of the day (or possibly the week!) hating myself for being a coward. It's awesome. You know, in that way that totally isn't awesome. Constant self-loathing really gets tired after awhile.


And then I gave my Juno a kiss on the nose and I felt better. The end.
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I have made a personal resolution to not use my blog to journal about shit that annoys me yet is interesting to no one but me. And oh, it's hard today. It is HARD.

In other news, we just had another earthquake. It was just a little one this time, but I keep waiting for the building to start shaking again. My boss, who apparently never learned proper earthquake procedure as a kid, didn't find a doorway to stand in like I did. He walked a couple circuits of the office going, "Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!" It was well off-shore and only a magnitude 5.4, which as it turns out isn't much from here. If it weren't so very distinctly earthquake-y, I would have mistaken it for the vibration of heavy machinery at the construction site next door. Settle down, bossman.

Also, it is windy as fuck outside and I need to walk the dog but OMG I do not want to go out in that. Shit. That was something annoying that you didn't want to hear about, wasn't it? I guess I'll just go walk the dog now. Bye.
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It's encouraging to see the Don't Ask, Don't Tell issue in the news so much lately. Movement on gay rights! It happens sometimes. And sometimes, it happens hilariously.

On The Daily Show, John Oliver is disgusted by the idea that we might allow old people to continue openly serving in the Senate.

And on The Colbert Report, Stephen takes McCain to task, and coins my new favorite phrase, "fabulous under fire."

Sorry about the unnecessary Huffpost links, but I was having trouble making the actual video just embed. It's unfair. Aaaaaanyway, that's all I got. That and my undying love for John Oliver.
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He's wearing a ring today. :(
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We had a technician in the office today to help us with our various computer issues, OS upgrades, etc etc. He is totally cute and nice and also likes my dog. (That's always a good sign.) He's coming back in a few days to install a server for us, so I will actually see him again. How do I ask him out? Seriously. I would seriously like to ask him out. I LACK THESE SKILLS. I was never technically a teenage girl (I skipped straight to like... I dunno... 40), and so never learned the things that even ten-year-olds know these days.

Also, I always worry about expressing interest in somebody while they're just doing their job, because you know... they didn't ask to be in my presence, they're being paid for it. It seems terribly unprofessional and kind of awkward.

Oh, Internets. GUIDE ME PLZ.

Sincerely yours,

Pathetic in Pittsburgh
(not actually in Pittsburgh)
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Today in Tales from the Office: things that once heard, cannot be unheard. Dear bosses and workers of the world: please keep your home life at home. At very least, close your office door while computer-dictating correspondence of a sexual nature. Your TMI is burning my brain. That absolute racket I was making in the office kitchen? That was to let you know that you weren't alone in the office anymore. It wasn't some sort of sign of approval and endorsement of your activities. There are not enough ear plugs in the world.

In less please-kill-me-now news, I've been watching Cupid. Not MY Cupid, but the newer, fluffier remake from last year. I didn't watch it when it was airing, mostly because I didn't see the point and didn't want to like it enough to care when it was canceled (again). I've been enjoying it, more or less, though my initial impression was validated... though this new version retains some of the original's charms, it has a more sitcom-y feel, is much less intelligent, and has dramatically less charismatic stars. (You really can't surpass the glory of Jeremy Piven though, and he and Paula Marshall played off each other so beautifully. Why can't I just have that back?) It's sort of like trading in your Bugatti Veyron for a Honda Civic... sure, it's reliable and less expensive, but it lacks the thrill of what you used to have. (Plus, no Flanigan. And Cupid without Flanigan just seems wrong to me. He puts the "Veyron" in "Bugatti Veyron.")

My favorite episode so far is The Great Right Hope, guest starring the inimitable Lee Tergesen. Some of the plot points on this series are pretty contrived, but I just love the dynamic between the guest couple in this episode. It will never begin to compare to "The End of an Eros" or even "The Linguist" (Tim DeKay FTW!), but it was enjoyable. "The Tommy Brown Affair" not quite so great, but the guest stars were both hotness. Actually, the guest stars on this series overall are better than I expected.

In other news, I am enjoying White Collar immensely and not a whole lot else. TV, you fail to thrill me. I have, however, finally finished another book, so I guess there's an upside to everything. THE END.
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OMGSAYWHATNOW? Gareth David-Lloyd as Doctor Watson?! I am so out of touch. SO. OUT. OF TOUCH. How do I not know about these things?

Oh yeah, it's on account of I don't have a life anymore and I just work all the time. Awesome.

Anyway, it looks fun. It looks like a romp. I support this idea. MORE HOLMES, I say.

I'm a little loopy.
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Just another reason to love Alan Grayson: he just sent a mass email whose subject line is "OMG".

Clearly he knows his audience.

In case you missed it, by the way, the Supreme Court has ruled in favor of corporations and declared limits on corporate campaign donations unconstitutional. I guess that just makes the buying and selling of the political system an open and awesomely constitutional thing for corporations to do now. In other news, several of the nation's founders were heard to roll over in their graves this morning.

If you'll excuse me, I need to go curl up in a corner and weep for awhile.
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Why, no. I can't make a decision without consulting you. I mean, I don't think I can. What do you think?

ANYWAY, I have essentially a gift certificate for tattooing, which I acquired through my job. (I know. My job, it is fucking weird sometimes.) My tattooed brothers and sisters, if you could choose from among these artists, who would you pick? I'm leaning toward the last guy but I realize that this preference is entirely because of his "pick me, [eye] dra gud!" note. It gave me lulz.

Anyway, based on the actual artwork in their portfolio, what do you all think? My artwork is very sharp illustration-style linework, in two or three colors, and I'll be supplying the art, so what I'm looking for basically in the artist is sharp linework and attention to detail.

(And in case you're curious, I have decided what to get, at long last. I'm going to totally steal this idea that apparently a ton of other people had, and I'm going to design another of a different animal in the same style to accompany it. I'm thinking I might get them on my legs -- one on the outside of each leg, above the knee -- but I haven't really decided yet.)

In other news, Mal and I talked last night about what her next tattoo shall be. She knows where she wants it and sort of what she wants, but I can't think of anything that would be right. (Also, I'm beginning to think that her desire for tattoos in places that will OMG hurt like a bitch is kind of pathological.) We have resolved that I will use her for my guinea pig, because I've been wanting to try working in henna and there's only so much doodling one can do on one's own left hand.

My supervisor has hinted that I should go down and get this done after we finish the publication we're currently working on getting to the printer. I have taken this to mean that I won't be getting another chance for a weekend away after that. Son of a bitch.
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Dear Knowledgeable Hivemind,

I have a student loan question for you. See, I have all these student loans. Like $22,000 worth of them. (Yeah, I was a happier person before I did that math.) And now that I'm not in school anymore, they're all due. They're so very due, and they would like their money back now plz, and there is no way in the world that I can pay them all off at the same time. I am basically out of methods of putting these loans off now; all of my grace periods are gone and I have already deferred aplenty. I genuinely want to pay them off, but I can't do $300-400 a month like they're asking for now. I know that I can negotiate different pay schedules and whatnot, and also I can consolidate and make only one payment, which would be a great help as I am very disorganized.

For my sanity and my credit rating, I would think my best option would be consolidating. However, all I have heard my entire life about student loans is OMG DO NOT CONSOLIDATE THEM. See, my mom works for a government agency which would have paid all of her loans off for her by now, if only she hadn't consolidated, so I have been indoctrinated with the idea that consolidation is Of The Devil. And I fret that if there ever was a program of student loan forgiveness from the feds, that as a consolidator I wouldn't be eligible. (Yeah, I have a beautiful dream where instead of paying billions to bankers who fuck us over, we forgive people's student loans. My dreams, they are so unrealistic, but I bet I could make them happen by making myself ineligible. It's like how I can make it rain by giving my horse a bath.)

What do you think, flist? Is consolidation a good idea? What do I need to know about it? Are there other options I'm not considering? Also, can I have a hug?
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These are all the reasons why I would like for today to DIE HORRIBLY NEVER TO RISE AGAIN:

* My dog ate almost an entire loaf of bread. Apparently he's fine, but that doesn't actually stop me from kind of freaking out a lot. Should have brought him to work today. Should have gotten up earlier and taken him for a run. Should have secured all bread stores because OMFG TRUDEAU, THAT IS NOT YOUR BREAD AND STOP EATING OUR DELICIOUS FOOD, IT IS FOR PEOPLE. PEOPLE!

* We are on deadline again here at work, so naturally the printer isn't actually working. Sure, a page an hour is just fine, printer. I don't know why anybody would mind.

* I took in my truck to have some brake-related problems diagnosed and repaired, the oil changed, and my punctured spare repaired. The spare repair would have been free, except the GIANT CHUNK OF METAL wedged in the tire -- the tire which had been on the truck for a grand total of two days before it decided to start attracting incredibly pointy road hazards -- left it beyond repair. I get to pay for a new one. Also, I get to pay for the several hours they spent diagnosing the brake system problem, which turned out to be a blown fuse. (Nevermind that Dan the Man and I had already checked all the fuses. Apparently we're blind.) I think that when you take your car in for a mystery problem, their diagnosis process goes something like this:

Mechanic 1: "It seems like all these problems are related, and probably electrical. Do you think it could be a blown fuse?"
Mechanic 2: "I think it's more likely that the vehicle has been tinkered with by aliens. Or possibly that it's actually a Transformer, and the problem is somewhere in its Transforming apparatus. We should rule those out first."
Mechanic 1: "You're absolutely right. I don't know what I was thinking. We should also check for Sasquatches in the radiator."

Anyway, I'm down several hundred dollars I don't have, and my truck is still a piece of shit. Some things never change.

* I am at work. This is not really okay with me today.

In conclusion, I'm about reading for my bad luck to change a little. You know, it could go from Threat Level Red to like... yellow or something. I don't think I'm asking too much.

Hell yes!

Jan. 7th, 2010 07:04 pm
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You know that 80s movie quiz that I was dejected about not-winning? It turns out the person who was awarded runner-up had actually gotten a few of the answers wrong, and the next person in line with all correct answers was YOURS TRULY. And I won a $200 Amazon gift card. SCORE.
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Looks like I'm going to be working the weekend again. Also, I did not win the 80s movie trivia contest that I was TOTALLY SURE I won. Clearly this is a sign that I will never win anything as long as I live: if I can't win at 80s movie trivia, I can't win at anything. (How on earth did anyone answer faster than me? HOW?!)

In other news, since I'm coming up on a weekend of overtime and stress and wanting to die, my boss has naturally chosen now to start having me routinely proofread his emails. Emails. FML.

Someone plz put me out of my misery.

For anyone who might have been interested but missed it, in my new blog I posted an introduction to The Swell Season. It includes a lot of free downloadable (and completely and entirely legal) music. If you haven't ever listened to The Swell Season, I wish you would. It would make me happy. Just FYI.
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Before you watch this video -- which I have embedded here for your convenience -- you should know several things about me:

1. I love the Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen version of Pride & Prejudice. I love it quite ardently.
2. I love Torchwood, too. And I love Owen perhaps most of all. (I know, it's a shock. You'd probably peg me for a Ianto fan. I love him, too. But Owen is strangely compelling to me.)
3. This video is entirely worth it for the part where it gets to, "...and Judi Dench."

I lul'ed. I lul'ed HARD.

Speaking of Matthew Macfadyen, did you know that they're making a new Robin Hood? I did. I knew because my roommate [personal profile] malnpudl is a huge Great Big Sea fan, and one of the guys from that band is playing Allan A'Dayle. (Incidentally, the actual guy's name is Alan, too.) She is also a Russell Crowe fan so this film is really ideal for her. And since it's a medieval period film (and as an added bonus it's a Ridley Scott film), it's kind of ideal for me, too. (Let us not speak of how many times I watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves in my developing years. No really, let us not speak of it. I don't want my poor sister to have to relive the horror. I am old enough now to know that the American Robin Hood and his also-American cohorts were terrible, but I still maintain that it's all worth it for Alan Rickman.)

But we were talking about Matthew Macfadyen. How is it that I didn't entirely realize until this precise moment that Matthew Macfadyen is playing the Sheriff of Nottingham in this film?! And if that doesn't float your boat (how could it NOT?!), there's also Cate Blanchett, Kevin Durand (he's getting around this year, apparently), Mark Strong, William Hurt, and any number of other British character actors who will make you say, "Hey, it's that guy! I know that guy!" Incidentally, I've seen photos of Kevin Durand as Little John, and I must say that he looks fantastic. And awesome. And huge and kind of forbidding, and did I mention awesome?

Point is, it looks like just the thing, and it comes out a week or so before my birthday, which is an added bonus. I'm very much looking forward to it. (The film, not the birthday. The birthday is just another sign of oldness sneaking up on me.) The trailer, which you should watch, is full of horse porn, so I'm sure the movie will be even better. (Oh horses. How are you so pretty?)


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