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Okay, I finally got around to that Supernatural post. Hooray! Spoilers within up through SPN 4x21, "When the Levee Breaks"

My thoughts, let me show you them. )

In other news, the other day while listening to the classic rock station -- which is where I get my fix of "I'm totally cool like Dean Winchester when I drive down the road listening to this -- and they put on the Bad Company. You know the one. From that truly horrible sex scene I won't mention. Hearing the song again was like having a flashback to 'Nam, only with 100% less 'Nam. I had to change the station. And then I felt violated but the total suckiness of that song. Sorry, Bad Company. But it sucks and that sex scene just made it suck worse.

I've been contemplating lately that recent video -- I have no link, but I'm sure someone will provide? -- where somebody is interviewing Jensen, Jared and Misha and they all mention that Supernatural's female fans hate all the female characters. Which, you know... makes me sad, because they aren't wrong, but I also think that they tend to get a sampling of only angry people. You know, like how if you're working on the complaint line for your company, you start thinking everyone in the world hates you because that's all you ever hear. So I wondered if we should, I dunno... let them know their entire audience isn't misogynous? (Misogynistic? Misogynterrible?) (Don't get me wrong: I don't think it's just the audience that's rolling in the racism and misogyny. But maybe it wouldn't be so bad if they didn't think we all agreed with it?) I wouldn't say I'm proposing an entire campaign, but maybe we could send postcards telling them we're viewers and actually, we do like the female characters? And the black ones? And that we'd like the ones that are something other than black or white, too, if there were any. Really. What do you all think?

Additionally, I'm wondering if there are any fiction/art comms that focus on the minor characters, rather than Sam and Dean? Like a place just for stories about Bobby and Jo and Ellen and even original characters set within the greater Supernatural universe? And if there isn't, is maybe somebody more dedicated than me interested in starting one? (I'd do it, but I have a short attention span. I wouldn't want it to languish.)


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