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Here, my friends, are more movie reviews for my 101 in 1001.

[60] View and review 50 films. (14/50)

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang )

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince )

The Jane Austen Book Club )

Blood, Sweat & Gears )

In the Valley of Elah )

The Night Listener )

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie )

Howl's Moving Castle )

Talk To Me )

Dan In Real Life )

I also feel it's worth noting two films that I attempted to watch but cannot in good conscience add to my tally, since I didn't make it past the first ten minutes: the new-ish Brendan Fraser version of Journey to the Center of the Earth and The Education of Little Tree. Both of them made me go "feh," and the latter made me run away screaming. I have an IMPORTANT QUESTION for you, Internets: are there any good films about Native American people that do not a) actually star a white person, while all the actual Indian people are relegated to supporting roles and b) are not written by Sherman Alexie? I ask the latter not because I want to avoid Sherman Alexie, because actually I love him to perhaps an unhealthy extent, but simply because I'm pretty sure I've already seen all of his. Any recommendations?

While we're talking in general about films with Indian actors in them, though, may I again recommend Big Eden for your watching enjoyment? Eric Schweig is divine and the whole movie is snuggly, snuggly love. WATCH IT. NOOOOOW.


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