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Okay, so I'm not organized enough to actually have photos ready for posting, but there are a few updates in the world of Trudeau that you might be interested in.

* He sneaks up on my bed when he thinks I'm not looking. This is pretty obvious because he leaves behind drool-evidence (often on my pillow), and also because my bed is small and looks very different when it is full of dog. If I had, say, a California king where I had plenty of room for dog, I'd invite him to sleep with me, but on a twin-size there is little room for me, much less a beast of his size, thus the bed is supposed to be a dog-free zone. Trudeau disagrees with this policy.

* You know how people say that crying and diapers and things like that aren't as bad when it's your own kid you're dealing with? Apparently the same is true of drool and picking up poop and wet dog smell and dog hair all over everything. There is not a single thing about this dog that I don't adore. I didn't really have the money to spare to saddle myself with another expense, but I can't bring myself to regret it even for a moment.

* He had a tick. And so I Advantixed his ass. Because there are a lot of things I can happily deal with, but ticks are not one of them. I can only assume that he'll be prone to them, because his favorite thing in the whole wide world is to flop onto his back into the grass and wriggle around like there is no greater bliss on this earth. Which is why I have atom-bombed the ticks. F YOU TICKS. I HOPE YOU DIE IN A FIRE.

* I taught him to fetch, for realz. He used to like to chase balls and then sort of run around madly with them and probably put them somewhere out of the way before he came barreling back at me like a living cannonball, but now he brings me the ball so he can trade it for a treat. It's working brilliantly, especially since I've gone from constant to intermittent reward. He goes nuts trying to figure out just how perfectly he has to bring me the ball before I'll give him a snack. Plus, it's great exercise in the yard on those days when I'm too knackered or or it's too cold (OMG, IT'S SO COLD!) to take him for a proper long walk.

Speaking of long walks, everybody mocked me when I said that having a dog around would get me out of the house and exercising more. "That's exactly what I said," my friend told me, with a look that implied that things hadn't even remotely worked out that way with her three monsters. But I'm a rule-breaker. Not only am I getting more exercise -- in addition to one or two shorter walks each day, I try to take Trudeau on one long walk every night, about 4 miles round-trip, which probably isn't much but is quite enough when it's 15 degrees outside ;D -- but I'm also reading more books, on account of the audiobooks I keep my brains busy with. (Not recommended: Doctor Who: The Doctor Trap. I still don't know WTF happened in that book, and I can't really bring myself to care. The audiobook is read by Russel Tovey though, so it does have that going for it. It'd be awesome if it had more than that going for it, but whatever.)

We're working up to longer distances, though for the moment I'm still discovering good routes where we can walk where there isn't a lot of traffic (we're walking after dark and both the traffic and the headlights that come along with it are not pleasant) and where there's enough road for us to get a decent workout. I'm also going to start working on this couch to 5K running plan, though I'm waiting for my Vibram Fivefingers to arrive before I really get back to the running again. Having started off running as a barefooter, I can't imagine how people do this in shoes... I barely got anywhere in my trainers before I was getting shin splints, horrible knee pain and sore muscles in non-standard places. Oh, VFFs. Please arrive soon and save me from the evils of shoes. Down with shoes! Up the republic! Full speed ahead! Et cetera!

In other news, three of you gave me virtual snowflake cookies. The only way that this gift could be better is if they were actual cookies which I could consume. Was there a meme or something? Was I mini-flashmobbed? (That would be for the lulz.) I have no idea why several of you decided to send me virtual cookies at the same time. Did I sleepwalk to my computer and post about my craving for cookies? (I was totally having one, for the record.)

Just as a heads-up, I am working on starting up a new blog in which I will post real-life things, and start using this account only for fandom-type stuff. So in future all my photo posts and things about Trudeau and Juno and essays and whatnot will all be going into the new blog. I know it's kind of lame and confusing, but I'm working on selling myself, as it were -- as a photographer and artist and author and whatever other titles I might randomly appropriate -- and that's just easier to do under my real name and a separate account. I will announce it here though, when it's all ready and open; just wanted to give a heads-up to keep an eye out for that.



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