Jan. 15th, 2010

agentotter: (one of those days)
These are all the reasons why I would like for today to DIE HORRIBLY NEVER TO RISE AGAIN:

* My dog ate almost an entire loaf of bread. Apparently he's fine, but that doesn't actually stop me from kind of freaking out a lot. Should have brought him to work today. Should have gotten up earlier and taken him for a run. Should have secured all bread stores because OMFG TRUDEAU, THAT IS NOT YOUR BREAD AND STOP EATING OUR DELICIOUS FOOD, IT IS FOR PEOPLE. PEOPLE!

* We are on deadline again here at work, so naturally the printer isn't actually working. Sure, a page an hour is just fine, printer. I don't know why anybody would mind.

* I took in my truck to have some brake-related problems diagnosed and repaired, the oil changed, and my punctured spare repaired. The spare repair would have been free, except the GIANT CHUNK OF METAL wedged in the tire -- the tire which had been on the truck for a grand total of two days before it decided to start attracting incredibly pointy road hazards -- left it beyond repair. I get to pay for a new one. Also, I get to pay for the several hours they spent diagnosing the brake system problem, which turned out to be a blown fuse. (Nevermind that Dan the Man and I had already checked all the fuses. Apparently we're blind.) I think that when you take your car in for a mystery problem, their diagnosis process goes something like this:

Mechanic 1: "It seems like all these problems are related, and probably electrical. Do you think it could be a blown fuse?"
Mechanic 2: "I think it's more likely that the vehicle has been tinkered with by aliens. Or possibly that it's actually a Transformer, and the problem is somewhere in its Transforming apparatus. We should rule those out first."
Mechanic 1: "You're absolutely right. I don't know what I was thinking. We should also check for Sasquatches in the radiator."

Anyway, I'm down several hundred dollars I don't have, and my truck is still a piece of shit. Some things never change.

* I am at work. This is not really okay with me today.

In conclusion, I'm about reading for my bad luck to change a little. You know, it could go from Threat Level Red to like... yellow or something. I don't think I'm asking too much.


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