Jan. 20th, 2010

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Dear Knowledgeable Hivemind,

I have a student loan question for you. See, I have all these student loans. Like $22,000 worth of them. (Yeah, I was a happier person before I did that math.) And now that I'm not in school anymore, they're all due. They're so very due, and they would like their money back now plz, and there is no way in the world that I can pay them all off at the same time. I am basically out of methods of putting these loans off now; all of my grace periods are gone and I have already deferred aplenty. I genuinely want to pay them off, but I can't do $300-400 a month like they're asking for now. I know that I can negotiate different pay schedules and whatnot, and also I can consolidate and make only one payment, which would be a great help as I am very disorganized.

For my sanity and my credit rating, I would think my best option would be consolidating. However, all I have heard my entire life about student loans is OMG DO NOT CONSOLIDATE THEM. See, my mom works for a government agency which would have paid all of her loans off for her by now, if only she hadn't consolidated, so I have been indoctrinated with the idea that consolidation is Of The Devil. And I fret that if there ever was a program of student loan forgiveness from the feds, that as a consolidator I wouldn't be eligible. (Yeah, I have a beautiful dream where instead of paying billions to bankers who fuck us over, we forgive people's student loans. My dreams, they are so unrealistic, but I bet I could make them happen by making myself ineligible. It's like how I can make it rain by giving my horse a bath.)

What do you think, flist? Is consolidation a good idea? What do I need to know about it? Are there other options I'm not considering? Also, can I have a hug?
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Why, no. I can't make a decision without consulting you. I mean, I don't think I can. What do you think?

ANYWAY, I have essentially a gift certificate for tattooing, which I acquired through my job. (I know. My job, it is fucking weird sometimes.) My tattooed brothers and sisters, if you could choose from among these artists, who would you pick? I'm leaning toward the last guy but I realize that this preference is entirely because of his "pick me, [eye] dra gud!" note. It gave me lulz.

Anyway, based on the actual artwork in their portfolio, what do you all think? My artwork is very sharp illustration-style linework, in two or three colors, and I'll be supplying the art, so what I'm looking for basically in the artist is sharp linework and attention to detail.

(And in case you're curious, I have decided what to get, at long last. I'm going to totally steal this idea that apparently a ton of other people had, and I'm going to design another of a different animal in the same style to accompany it. I'm thinking I might get them on my legs -- one on the outside of each leg, above the knee -- but I haven't really decided yet.)

In other news, Mal and I talked last night about what her next tattoo shall be. She knows where she wants it and sort of what she wants, but I can't think of anything that would be right. (Also, I'm beginning to think that her desire for tattoos in places that will OMG hurt like a bitch is kind of pathological.) We have resolved that I will use her for my guinea pig, because I've been wanting to try working in henna and there's only so much doodling one can do on one's own left hand.

My supervisor has hinted that I should go down and get this done after we finish the publication we're currently working on getting to the printer. I have taken this to mean that I won't be getting another chance for a weekend away after that. Son of a bitch.


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