Feb. 2nd, 2010

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Today in Tales from the Office: things that once heard, cannot be unheard. Dear bosses and workers of the world: please keep your home life at home. At very least, close your office door while computer-dictating correspondence of a sexual nature. Your TMI is burning my brain. That absolute racket I was making in the office kitchen? That was to let you know that you weren't alone in the office anymore. It wasn't some sort of sign of approval and endorsement of your activities. There are not enough ear plugs in the world.

In less please-kill-me-now news, I've been watching Cupid. Not MY Cupid, but the newer, fluffier remake from last year. I didn't watch it when it was airing, mostly because I didn't see the point and didn't want to like it enough to care when it was canceled (again). I've been enjoying it, more or less, though my initial impression was validated... though this new version retains some of the original's charms, it has a more sitcom-y feel, is much less intelligent, and has dramatically less charismatic stars. (You really can't surpass the glory of Jeremy Piven though, and he and Paula Marshall played off each other so beautifully. Why can't I just have that back?) It's sort of like trading in your Bugatti Veyron for a Honda Civic... sure, it's reliable and less expensive, but it lacks the thrill of what you used to have. (Plus, no Flanigan. And Cupid without Flanigan just seems wrong to me. He puts the "Veyron" in "Bugatti Veyron.")

My favorite episode so far is The Great Right Hope, guest starring the inimitable Lee Tergesen. Some of the plot points on this series are pretty contrived, but I just love the dynamic between the guest couple in this episode. It will never begin to compare to "The End of an Eros" or even "The Linguist" (Tim DeKay FTW!), but it was enjoyable. "The Tommy Brown Affair" not quite so great, but the guest stars were both hotness. Actually, the guest stars on this series overall are better than I expected.

In other news, I am enjoying White Collar immensely and not a whole lot else. TV, you fail to thrill me. I have, however, finally finished another book, so I guess there's an upside to everything. THE END.
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We had a technician in the office today to help us with our various computer issues, OS upgrades, etc etc. He is totally cute and nice and also likes my dog. (That's always a good sign.) He's coming back in a few days to install a server for us, so I will actually see him again. How do I ask him out? Seriously. I would seriously like to ask him out. I LACK THESE SKILLS. I was never technically a teenage girl (I skipped straight to like... I dunno... 40), and so never learned the things that even ten-year-olds know these days.

Also, I always worry about expressing interest in somebody while they're just doing their job, because you know... they didn't ask to be in my presence, they're being paid for it. It seems terribly unprofessional and kind of awkward.

Oh, Internets. GUIDE ME PLZ.

Sincerely yours,

Pathetic in Pittsburgh
(not actually in Pittsburgh)


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