Feb. 14th, 2010

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I watched a bit of the Olympics today, and these are the impressions that I am left with:

1. Speed skating, while it no doubt incorporates both speed and skating and, judging by the awe-inspiring size of the competitors' thighs is no doubt an incredibly strenuous and demanding sport, doesn't look that hard. Or that fast, for that matter. It really kind of looks like they're having a nice afternoon leisure-skate.

b. Who picked the theme music? For serious. Because I keep expecting Bruce Campbell and Comet the Wonder Horse to appear. (And omfg, did you guys realize that Julius Carey, who played Lord Bowler, is dead? I weep a little every time I think of it. :( I hate you, mortality.)

III. Dear sweet lord, there are a lot of commercials. And a lot of promo voiceovers with Morgan Freeman. (Hi Morgan Freeman! OMG call me, 'kay?)

I have to admit to being dissatisfied in general with winter olympics because the equestrian events are lacking, but I saw local lad inline skating down our street yesterday in a hockey jersey and carrying a stick, and then I remembered that this year's winter Olympics not only feature hockey and curling, but they're in Canada. So really, the winter Olympics are perfection. Unless you live in Vancouver. THE END.


agentotter: a raven against stormy skies (Default)

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