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Things I am not young enough for anymore: staying up all night. Oh, dear sweet lord, I am not good with staying up past 11pm anymore. At all.

But my doggie is sick and it's kind of easier to let him out of the house every five minutes so he can think fondly about puking and eat a lot of grass (omg, he grazes more enthusiastically than my horse) when I'm already awake.

I was kind of freaking out about torsion for awhile there, but I think it's all good... I finally gave him a couple of tiny meals of kibble to see if he could keep them down, which got him to drink, and he's managed to keep both in his belly. And then I got even smarter and gave him a painkiller, so if his tummy hurts he at least doesn't have to be so miserable about it. He's now sleeping comfortably and has been doing so for a longer stretch than he's managed previously.

I didn't really need to share that with you all -- dog hacking up a lung, hooray! -- but at this hour, honestly, you just want someone to sympathize with your misery. That is all.

Date: 2010-02-27 08:46 pm (UTC)
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