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So I want to preface this by saying that this is merely a verbalization (typalization?) of my thought processes and that I will probably, inevitably, say something that is stupid. Possibly I will make you think I'm a tool or something. That happens sometimes. I hope that you'll bear with me. I don't really have the mental and linguistic tools that are really necessary to talk about some of the places that my mental wanderings take me (like when everybody else is discussing feminism complete with technical terms and the best I can do is, "Yeah, I don't actually know why but that sort of made me feel dirty. And also angry."), and after spending the majority of my life trying very hard not to examine anything about myself, my society, or anything that might cause me stress, I still feel very much like a child in a lot of ways. So if I sound childish, or idiotic, or make you shake your head in that very pitying way and go, "Oh, honey, don't be such an asshat," I sincerely hope that you'll tell me how I'm being an asshat. It isn't your job to educate me. I know that. But I also consider you my friends, and I kind of hope that you'll find it in yourselves to gently take me aside and smack a little sense into me if you feel it's warranted. I have learned from the Race!Fail, but let's face it: I haven't learned enough. I'm not sure it's possible to ever learn enough. Anyway.

On culture, community, and lack of same. )


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