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Okay. I know you were wondering, so here are the important points concerning my existence today:

* I have finally mastered the trick of making my hair look consistently awesome. No post-shower styling products are involved: it is 100% pure and natural awesome. WIN.

* InDesign is so totally and completely my bitch. EAT THAT, INDESIGN. OMG, I so totally have mastered it today. I mean, it can do ten thousand other things that I haven't figured out yet, but I have whipped the page numbering problem I was having and also streamlined our production process by like a bajillion just by making the pages autonumber themselves. You guys, they were numbering an entire magazine by hand. *criez* When I am the Master of InDesign, this job is going to be such a cakewalk, for serious. I'mma automate the shit out of this joint. *makes InDesign gangsta sign*

* I should not be allowed to look at Etsy. Ever. It's not just that I want to buy everything (among these: this painting, these note cards, and also this t-shirt. And I might be in love with Waffle the Zebra, who loves pancakes.) It's that it gives me a million ideas for things I want to make. And I have neither the time nor the materials nor the expertise to make any of those things. I really need to make myself a life where I can sit at home making and selling art all day and not starve to death. That would be soooo cool.

* Last night the idea for an entire book sprung full-formed into my head. And I even wrote it down! That's never really happened to me before, which is why I've never written any books, I reckon. Also, because then you have to think of a plot. This book doesn't have a plot. It has illustrations and hilarity. I'm going to actually write it, I SWEAR TO GOD. It might end up being just a small free web book or blog series or something, but I am SO doing it. OMG. It shall be epic.

So. To sum up: \o/


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