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How's your day going, flist? Mine's shitty, overall. I did get to learn to jump-start a dead battery, though. And I got my cardio by chasing our new foster dog (did I mention we have a foster dog? She's kyoot) down the office stairs and into the carpet warehouse downstairs. (Did I mention I had a foster dog in my office? Dog-friendly workplaces RULE.)

In other news, I fucking love Misha Collins and his completely reasonable and utterly compelling advice about writing essays.

And now, I want to tell you something about health care reform. And because I suspect I'm preaching to the choir, I'll keep it short and sweet. Americans, this is the reality of our health care system: we live in a society where in order for a child to get cancer treatment, you have to hold a bake sale. And a benefit concert. And take out a fourth mortgage on your house. And probably your kid will still die and by the way, you're going to lose your house and be financially ruined and uninsurable forever.

I honestly don't think that any country in which the populace thinks it's appropriate to fund a child's chemotherapy with a bake sale can really qualify for world-leader status in anything. Unless you're talking about "world leader in denying medical care to everyone."

Senator Coburn told this woman that if she wants medical care, she should turn to her neighbors, not her government. That's funny, I thought my government was supposed to be of, by, and for the people, so doesn't that make my government my neighbors? By this logic -- our current logic -- the only people who would be afforded health care are the ones who live in a row of McMansions and are extremely popular with the ladies' social club, while poor people get to just die like the worthless human beings we clearly are.

Oh. Wait. I see what he did there. Well played, Coburn. WELL PLAYED.

Here's somebody else talking about how insurance companies bury people in bureaucracy to try to keep from paying out on "covered benefits." This is very similar to my own experience, which is why a) I avoid getting anything treated ever, even when I'm actually insured, because insurance never covers as much as you think it will -- if it covers anything at all -- and you get stuck with the bill; and b) why my credit is still, to this day, shit.

Okay, it wasn't as short as I promised. WHATEVER. I promise to post something more entertaining. Like pictures of the dog. HER NAME IS RAVEN AND SHE WANTS YOU TO KISS HER NOSE.


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