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I really need the pro times to come to DW, because I have no room for my "Keg of Glory" icon. But the Keg of Glory! I drink from it! Muffins, bagels, ETC! *weeps*

Anyway. Glory, like I said. My victories, let me show you them. I have become a master of finding bargains on Craigslist. Yesterday, I acquired for myself a $50 Aquarella water color paper block, with only a couple of sheets missing, for $12. And I got myself a bike. LIKE MAGIC! A guy had posted an ad in the barter section saying he had a new mountain bike and wanted to rehome his old one, and in exchange he wanted some artwork or something. So I ended up trading him one of my "Adopted" t-shirts (the one with the horses and the baby giraffe) for a bike. And it's a nice bike, too. Needs a tune-up, but I took a turn around the driveway on it when I got home last night and it was like flying.

I missed you, bicycles. Don't ever leave me again. I know I'm a good fifteen years older than the last time I used one of you, but I'm still going to pretend you're a horse (and I'm Robin Hood, clearly, because who else would I be?). Even though I have a real horse now. THE END.

In other news, I don't seem to know what "the end" means, because that wasn't the end. While we're speaking of Robin Hood, I don't know if you realized this but Russell Crowe is making a new Robin Hood movie, and Alan Doyle (from Great Big Sea) is in it, and it's going to be awesome, because I said so. (Also because it's a Ridley Scott film and those are usually pretty awesome. And also, it has Kevin Durand in it as Little John, whom you might also remember as Zipacna on SG-1 and "that one guy" from ten million things you've seen. And there's Cate Blanchett and Mark Strong and William Hurt and just... yeah. Goodness.) I love Robin Hood stories. Even still, after all these years, love the Kevin Costner one, even though it's so terrible and stuff. If I see it on cable I can still pretty much recite all of the lines along the actors. (Yes. I was an obsessed child. I'm just sorry for my family that I didn't obsess about better movies, but I am never going to regret my love for Return to Snowy River.)

In OTHER other news, I think I'm in love with the lead singer of Hey Rosetta! That happens, though. You know how it is. I mean, he was hot before, but then I saw this live radio studio performance where he had his glasses on, and my brain broke with the hotness of him. Musical and lyrical talent is such a turn-on. Srsly. [personal profile] malnpudl will back me up on this. (Probably a lot.)

SO. In case you don't know about my boyfriends (and girlfriends, who are also teh hotness btw) of Hey Rosetta!, here are some excellent selected tracks and videos.

We Made A Pact and Psalm, both of which you may recognize from Flashpoint, if you watch Flashpoint. And if you don't, you should.

Becky I Keep Singing This Song, from a live performance in St. John's (which is where they're from. All the cool kids are from Newfoundland these days.)

There's An Arc, with a cool sort of homemade video. It doesn't look like much when you start, but stick with it... the song's pretty and the video gets better.

Yes! Yes! Yes! which has a totally awesome video concept which I greatly enjoy.

The Year You Were Born, which has a totally strange video concept. With robot. Awesome song, though.

Also, I think it should be said that the guy in the band who plays the upright bass (omg upright bass) really ought to play Sam's little brother in an episode of Flashpoint. Just saying. They could be related.

One day, world. Just you wait. I'm gonna do a cross-country Canada road trip and I'm gonna stop and see all the awesomest bands of Canada and the Musical Ride and Hugh Dillon's gonna fall in love with me. (And then I'll find five dollars.)


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