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There are several reasons why you should watch this. One is Jensen in a suit. Two is Jared in a suit. Three is... well, I'll let you watch three all on your own.

This clip brought to me courtesy of [personal profile] malnpudl, who realizes that though I may love the J2, I am hopeless to actually find these things before, you know... the rest of the world has already seen it. It's my curse. (Also, I'd just like it noted that if you pause at 0:41, there is no longer any need for photomanips. Additionally, watch their hands as Jared leaves. OMG.) Don't worry, I'm not going tinhat on you. I just, you know... appreciate them. And their handsiness. (I've decided handsiness is a word now. Just for them.)
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If I had to pick a favorite thing about fandom -- and thank god nobody ever asks me to, because there's so much goodness, but if I had to -- it would have to be the way that fan works can complete transform the original media.

Case in fucking awesome point: Someone You Might Have Been is a J2 AU by fleshflutter, in which Jared is a spy and Jensen is his handler. It's kind of J2 meets La Femme Nikita, which is a marriage I support. (And it's now legal in Iowa!)

Anyway, yeah, enjoyable, whatever. I read it and moved on, because that's what I do with fics, leaving them heartbroken across the interwebs when I move on to the next fic. I'm a femini-- femi-- ficcinizer.

Only, then somebody goes and vids it. And by vids it, I mean vids it. (The vidder goes by "Liv Niggle." I know her not, but she is made of sunshine and unicorns, clearly.)

The vid introduces media from non-SPN J2 works, as well as completely unrelated source and Queer as Folk for the porns! Seriously, I am so impressed. I love you, fandom. I am OVERFLOWING WITH IT.


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