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I just can't hold it back, people. I just can't. You need to watch this.

Stephen Colbert interviews Republican strategist Mary Matalin. And while he's doing so, he has his "Republican talking points bingo" out, so she tries not to use any talking points. Which means she doesn't speak much. I lol'ed.

And when you're done with that, BEHOLD: Jon Stewart brilliantly skewers Glenn Beck by... acting like Glenn Beck. It's a shame that the people who really need to see it don't actually understand satire and parody. They're the same ones who think Stephen Colbert is totally legit. LOLZ.

In other news, I just called one of my student loan places to get a forbearance while my loan consolidation is in process. They were totally helpful and super-nice, and you know, that moment when you actually resolve something that's been hanging over your head for months, instead of hiding and curling up in a ball? It's kind of awesome. There's a little rush to it. I think it might even be beautifully freeing to have a "to do" list with all the day's shit ticked off for once. So I have come up with an awesome strategy for overcoming my epic avoidance of making phone calls: in addition to the usual stuff of making a list of numbers the night before, getting the calling out of the way first thing, etc etc, I have realized that if the rep who answers on the other end is a complete dickhead, I can make an excuse to hang up, call back later, and probably speak to a different person.

I just BLEW MY OWN MIND, people.
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