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I should start by saying that I'm not a big believer in marriage.

Mind you, I'm all for everybody's right to get and be married (in fact, I took my first foray into real political activism this past weekend with the Courage Campaign), and I also don't lend much credence to the idea that human beings are made for infidelity and we can't help but knock boots with random strangers. (I do believe that most of us would like to knock said boots, but we are capable of acting contrary to our primal urges. Mostly.) It's just that all the evidence around me has made me a tad cynical. So while I think a lifelong partnership is certainly an ideal and worthy goal, I just don't see that many people making it work. Not in my life, anyway.

Off the top of my head, I could only think of one married couple that I knew IRL that had real staying power: one of my friends had been married for over 20 years, and though she and her husband were often at odds, they also usually seemed to be very much in love. Which was why it was a shock to me when I called that friend and she told me she was leaving her husband.

I should say too that I'm not necessarily against divorce. Actually, I'm for divorce as a process and institution, because I think too many people get married in an attempt to fix a relationship that's already failing, or because they've decided that nothing better will ever come along, or because they're pregnant, or any number of other reasons that don't really center around wanting to be married to that person forever and ever. So I tried to be supportive of my friend's drastic change in life.

Until she told me that she had recently rekindled a romance with the boyfriend of her teen years. The one I had always sort of figured she was still in love with but better off rid of.

"Wait," I said. "You mean the abusive ex-boyfriend?"

"You know me well enough to know I wouldn't put myself in that situation again," she said.

I thought I did, I thought, but didn't say. She seems to be putting herself in that situation again. That seems to be exactly what she's doing.

I know her well enough to know that she's a different and much stronger person than the picture she's painted for me of her wild youth.

I know her well enough to know that she can talk a good game about being independent and strong and is perfectly able to tell herself that the concessions she makes -- to her life and safety and well-being -- are acceptable.

More worryingly, I don't know him at all. I don't know him well enough to know whether he's the same person he used to be. I don't have any reason to believe he isn't.

I'm too young to have to worry over my friends like this.

Unfortunately, it appears it's a catching disease. The same week, the owner of the boarding barn drop-kicked her husband out the door and took up with her ex. With startling rapidity, the ex moved in. Which normally wouldn't be a problem, except that he's recently started converting a perfectly good pasture into a motocross track.

Yes, you read that right. A motocross track. At a horse boarding facility. That's going to end well. Sure, it's got lip service for also being a "extreme horse course," but let's face it: it's a motocross track. Complete with jumps. I really think that noisy motor vehicles flying through the air at a high rate of speed right next to the paddock containing my client's mustang -- who already runs into and/or through the electric fences at the drop of a hat -- is just what I needed. It completely puts the kibosh on the idea of eventually bringing my other client horse down -- that one literally jump/crashed her way out of a 5-foot pipe panel pen because I started skipping. I'm pretty sure a motocross track isn't something she'll be able to handle without losing her fucking mind.

I guess that would be okay though, since everybody else seems to be losing theirs, too. I mean, WTF? Seriously.

I mean, I'd love to get laid just like anybody, but if this sort of insanity is what it leads too, maybe it's not so great after all. (Or maybe we should all just learn to, you know... fuck like monkeys then kick the guy out. I'm all for the no-fidelity route as a lifestyle. I decided that just now.)

Clearly I need to like... get my own property (on Vancouver Island!) and be filthy rich. BY MAGIC! I'm sure after I answer this letter from the Nigerian prince, I can make that happen...
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Here are things that are cool:

* I took my first yoga class last night. It was awesome. And omg so much harder than I had even imagined, and I'd imagined it being pretty hard. Also, every time the instructor said a certain word (I think it was asanas?) it sounded like he was saying "awesomeness." I decided that that's what he meant, anyway. He also was fond of saying "preserverance" when he meant "perseverance," but I've decided that that's a new word and they should put it in the dictionaries. It's the act of preserving your perseverance, no doubt. He also liked to call things "juicy." In short, he was adorably new age-y and had a huge fuzzy beard and he made me hate him because I don't know if you realized, but yoga is actually torture. But in a good way?

* Also on the list of cool things I will be doing: kayaking! I've always wanted to try it, and somebody I know through work offered to take me out on the water. (Part of my job is writing about kayaking, since our publications cover the pacific northwestern coast, and therefore we talk a lot about kayaking, and he feels I can't possibly write about it without having done it. I'm not going to argue.) So I'll be taking a kayaking tour around the Bay this weekend. Woohoo!

Here are things that are not cool:

* I now have a friend who lives in Grass Valley. Grass Valley has the famous Draft Horse Classic show every year, where there are a bajillion draft horses working in harness and all sorts of demonstrations and did I mention the horses? I've always wanted to go, ALWAYS, and now I'd probably even have a place to crash. Unfortunately, it's also this weekend. Like, this weekend. There is no way I can possibly make it. My truck would probably die halfway there. Plus I'd have to cancel the kayaking. *sobs* Next year? I am THERE. Knowing my friend, he'll probably have moved by then, but whatever.

* I've been finally (FINALLY) taking horseback riding lessons, on a horse I mostly trust, with a teacher I absolutely love. I actually like her so much I was thinking of hiring her next year to start Juno under saddle, which is like... a major concession from me, because when it comes to my horse's welfare and training I am just slightly paranoid. But I was having a great time with the lessons and developing an inner thigh of IRON and my confidence was growing at an explosive and exponential rate, so of course my teacher is moving. THREE HOURS AWAY. This week. I might cry.

* You know what else isn't cool? This fucking hyrax. I just added that one because I couldn't think of anything else that wasn't cool.
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I really need the pro times to come to DW, because I have no room for my "Keg of Glory" icon. But the Keg of Glory! I drink from it! Muffins, bagels, ETC! *weeps*

Anyway. Glory, like I said. My victories, let me show you them. I have become a master of finding bargains on Craigslist. Yesterday, I acquired for myself a $50 Aquarella water color paper block, with only a couple of sheets missing, for $12. And I got myself a bike. LIKE MAGIC! A guy had posted an ad in the barter section saying he had a new mountain bike and wanted to rehome his old one, and in exchange he wanted some artwork or something. So I ended up trading him one of my "Adopted" t-shirts (the one with the horses and the baby giraffe) for a bike. And it's a nice bike, too. Needs a tune-up, but I took a turn around the driveway on it when I got home last night and it was like flying.

I missed you, bicycles. Don't ever leave me again. I know I'm a good fifteen years older than the last time I used one of you, but I'm still going to pretend you're a horse (and I'm Robin Hood, clearly, because who else would I be?). Even though I have a real horse now. THE END.

In other news, I don't seem to know what "the end" means, because that wasn't the end. While we're speaking of Robin Hood, I don't know if you realized this but Russell Crowe is making a new Robin Hood movie, and Alan Doyle (from Great Big Sea) is in it, and it's going to be awesome, because I said so. (Also because it's a Ridley Scott film and those are usually pretty awesome. And also, it has Kevin Durand in it as Little John, whom you might also remember as Zipacna on SG-1 and "that one guy" from ten million things you've seen. And there's Cate Blanchett and Mark Strong and William Hurt and just... yeah. Goodness.) I love Robin Hood stories. Even still, after all these years, love the Kevin Costner one, even though it's so terrible and stuff. If I see it on cable I can still pretty much recite all of the lines along the actors. (Yes. I was an obsessed child. I'm just sorry for my family that I didn't obsess about better movies, but I am never going to regret my love for Return to Snowy River.)

In OTHER other news, I think I'm in love with the lead singer of Hey Rosetta! That happens, though. You know how it is. I mean, he was hot before, but then I saw this live radio studio performance where he had his glasses on, and my brain broke with the hotness of him. Musical and lyrical talent is such a turn-on. Srsly. [personal profile] malnpudl will back me up on this. (Probably a lot.)

SO. In case you don't know about my boyfriends (and girlfriends, who are also teh hotness btw) of Hey Rosetta!, here are some excellent selected tracks and videos.

We Made A Pact and Psalm, both of which you may recognize from Flashpoint, if you watch Flashpoint. And if you don't, you should.

Becky I Keep Singing This Song, from a live performance in St. John's (which is where they're from. All the cool kids are from Newfoundland these days.)

There's An Arc, with a cool sort of homemade video. It doesn't look like much when you start, but stick with it... the song's pretty and the video gets better.

Yes! Yes! Yes! which has a totally awesome video concept which I greatly enjoy.

The Year You Were Born, which has a totally strange video concept. With robot. Awesome song, though.

Also, I think it should be said that the guy in the band who plays the upright bass (omg upright bass) really ought to play Sam's little brother in an episode of Flashpoint. Just saying. They could be related.

One day, world. Just you wait. I'm gonna do a cross-country Canada road trip and I'm gonna stop and see all the awesomest bands of Canada and the Musical Ride and Hugh Dillon's gonna fall in love with me. (And then I'll find five dollars.)
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I have so much to say today, flist. SO MUCH. Important things and non-important things and random things and whatnot. I like the word "whatnot." I have so much to say that I can't manage to get my thoughts together to say any of it. Only that it is completely, thoroughly, a Monday. I'd forgotten what Mondays were like when you're employed and stuff. How is it that Mondays are so steeped in bad karma? What did you do to the universe, Monday, that it felt it had to pay you back by making you evil?


In other news, I've started jogging. Like, in the mornings. As in, when my alarm goes off instead of going back to bed and being perpetually late for everything, I get on the treadmill and run until I'm deliciously warm from the inside out and gasping for air, and then I shower, and then I go about my day being on time for things. I don't know if you know what it's like to always be running a few minutes behind schedule, but it's sort of like you're always rushing to catch up with your own life, it's not pleasant. (My perpetual lateness is a marked change from high-school-me, who was practically OCD about being everywhere on time and would actually start freaking out if I was gonna be late home to tape The X-Files or something. I think I prefer fashionably-late me to weirdly-obsessed me.)

Anyway, the jogging's remarkably enjoyable. I've never liked running much because I always found it a bit boring and tedious and sort of like torture, but on the treadmill (which I acquired from [personal profile] malnpudl, who lets me just claim things that are laying around her house) I can just get on and go until I'm done going. It's sorta sweet. And I've got my pilates ball and my yoga mat and stuff right there so I can do my stretches right before and after, and if I should pop a few ribs out (that happens, when you're me) I can just stop running and use my pilates ball to put my ribs back where they belong, instead of wincing my way home before I can fix it. And ALSO, it's awesome. I feel so healthy. I mean, not necessarily after the extra-large super-sweet chai I just consumed, but WHATEVER. In general. In general, I am soooo awesome.

I'm considering taping pictures of Jared Padalecki being buff and Misha Collins being bendy on my wall in front of the treadmill, so I can keep my eyes on the proverbial prize. They're like my health-related life coaches or something. I can look at Jared and be all, "hey, if he can go from skinny emo teen heartthrob to super-beefcake, I can totally keep running for another two minutes!" and look at Misha and go, "Holy shit he's bendy! I'm sure I can be just a fraction of that bendiness." Or possibly I just want them there to look at. Whatever. You'd find it motivating to run toward that kind of hotness, too.

I'mma totally put them on my wall, and Jared will be my role model for muscles and Misha will be my role model for bendiness and in the middle I'll put a big picture of Jensen and on it I will write ROLE MODEL FOR AWESOMENESS.

In other news, I spent the weekend going insane. Just seriously insane as fuck. It was kind of awesome. I started cleaning and organizing things and just couldn't seem to stop. I'm not sure [personal profile] malnpudl is going to recognize her house anymore when I finally run out of energy. I feel very accomplished about the whole thing. I cleaned the kitchen and unearthed a food processor! And it's the perfect size for making my own hummus! Rejoice!
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Today I have little to offer. Except Captain Kitteh, who comes through the wormhole to save his universe.

funny pictures of cats with captions
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

In less ridiculous news, I wanted to rec a local painter I've just stumbled upon: javachickn, who is ridiculously talented and has of late been working on a series of coyote paintings that make me deeply envious of all that talent.

I'd love to try painting... and sculpting, and all sorts of other things that are kind of too messy to be doing in my bedroom. I see now why people have studios. I am branching out into pastels, though, so I'm attempting color again; the limited black/white/sepia palette of technical pens and charcoals just isn't thrilling me quite as much anymore. I really have an urge to use oils on massive canvasses or something, but for me art has always been limited by budget; I started out in pencil and pen simply because I had them, and I've never been able to afford all the supplies to try all the mediums I want to, nor had a space where I could really make a nice artistic mess. (Lately I've been wanting to paint on shirts and also leather. And I traditionally don't paint. So you can see how I have an addiction problem.) I am pleased to say though that I've finally realized the need for good tools, and invest in them when I can; I'm not drawing in ball-point pens anymore, much to the relief of my high school art teacher. ;)

Anyhow. Hi. Good morning. I hope you're all doing awesome today. I am, being it's sunny and nice outside and I'm at my cool job and I actually remembered to bring food with me today and later I'm treating myself to Starbucks just because I can. The only thing that would make this job cooler is if there was a nice locally-owned coffee shop nearby, but I can live with selling my soul to Starbucks. (Also it's Friday. Did you know it's Friday? Tomorrow I get to sleep in. I'd forgotten was a glorious luxury that was.) And anyway, I don't know if you realize this Sal, but Sal's Myrtlewood Lounge is just a few blocks from here. When I drove in for the interview I thought it was clearly a sign of impending awesome.


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