Feb. 4th, 2010

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It's encouraging to see the Don't Ask, Don't Tell issue in the news so much lately. Movement on gay rights! It happens sometimes. And sometimes, it happens hilariously.

On The Daily Show, John Oliver is disgusted by the idea that we might allow old people to continue openly serving in the Senate.

And on The Colbert Report, Stephen takes McCain to task, and coins my new favorite phrase, "fabulous under fire."

Sorry about the unnecessary Huffpost links, but I was having trouble making the actual video just embed. It's unfair. Aaaaaanyway, that's all I got. That and my undying love for John Oliver.
agentotter: (one of those days)
I have made a personal resolution to not use my blog to journal about shit that annoys me yet is interesting to no one but me. And oh, it's hard today. It is HARD.

In other news, we just had another earthquake. It was just a little one this time, but I keep waiting for the building to start shaking again. My boss, who apparently never learned proper earthquake procedure as a kid, didn't find a doorway to stand in like I did. He walked a couple circuits of the office going, "Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!" It was well off-shore and only a magnitude 5.4, which as it turns out isn't much from here. If it weren't so very distinctly earthquake-y, I would have mistaken it for the vibration of heavy machinery at the construction site next door. Settle down, bossman.

Also, it is windy as fuck outside and I need to walk the dog but OMG I do not want to go out in that. Shit. That was something annoying that you didn't want to hear about, wasn't it? I guess I'll just go walk the dog now. Bye.


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